11 May 2020
Consultation on Temporary Closure - FP411021, Santon Bridge



So that the Parish Council can put together a response representative of the communities views on this

PLEASE SEND YOUR RESPONSES TO irtonwithsantonpc@gmail.com by the 17th May 2020.

Footpath 411021, Irton Pike, Santon Bridge – Irton with Santon Parish


The Forestry Commission are felling the woodland within Irton Pike this summer.  The work involves tree harvesting and extraction work on a very complex site which will be sold standing to timber merchants.  The majority of the site will be using a regular harvester however a significant element will require high wires which will be kept to a minimum.  The spar trees anchoring the wires will need to be below the footpath which runs along the northern boundary of Irton Pike - and the wires will be across the path.  The successful tenderers for the work will not be known until nearer the time at which time the machinery capabilities will be known and deployed accordingly. The plan is to minimise the impact on the footpath, timewise and physically.


They have requested a three-month closure of the footpath from the beginning of July to enable this work to be carried out effectively, efficiently, and safely.  They will be closing the open access land under different provisions.


Unfortunately, the Forestry Commission do not manage the land to the north of the site, and so are unable to offer an alternative route.  We are unable to carry out site visits and negotiations at present – and so the only viable option is to close the whole length of the path (see attached).  It may be that as the work time gets nearer, we may be able to find a better alternative route, and if we do, then the signage will be altered accordingly.


Before we make any decisions on whether to grant this closure application, I would be glad to hear any comments you may have.  Please submit these by 21 May 2020.


Many thanks.


Nick Thorne

Countryside Access Adviser

Lake District National Park Authority


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