Irton with Santon war memorial at St Paul's church - parish consultation

Many of you will know the war memorial at St Paul's - some of you may have studied the names on thememorial and some may have relatives commemorated there. However for some years now the names have become increasingly faint as the ravages of time and weather have taken their toll. Irton with Santon parish council (PC) have responsibility for the memorial, with the parochial church council (PCC) also very much interested in it.

For some time the PC have been looking at ways of refurbishing the memorial and with this year seeing the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World Warwe are trying to determine the way forward.

In discussion with various authorities we have so far established what we can and cannot do within good conservation guidelines and have requested quotes from memorial masons for re-engraving the existing names. Initial figures indicate a cost of around £3,600. We are investigating any grants that may be available to help with the funding but we know this is a long process with no guarantee of success so have to assume the funding will come from PC reserves.  The cost represents a significant proportion of the reserves but we have been preparing for the cost and do believe this to be a worthwhile and appropriate use of PC funds.

We are now asking parishioners for any comments or thoughts regarding the plans - positive, negative or neutral. We will take any these into consideration when determining the way forward and will keep you informed of progress.

 You can contact the council with any comments through our website  , email , or by post to Tonia Duffy, Clerk to the Council, 1 Santon Village, CA19 1UN