If people wish to join they need to dowload WhatsApp and should email Ian Warren with their name, mobile number and postal address. hallflatfarm1@gmail.com


PRIVATE REPLIES - replying privately to someone who has posted something on the group

When you want to reply to a message in a group chat, but you only want the sender to see your response, start by long-pressing their message. From there, either tap on "Reply privately" from the prompt that appears, or tap the three-dot menu button ( it may say ‘more’) then select "Reply privately"  - a reply box will appear with the individuals name showing - complete your private message and press the blue ‘send’ arrow - and that’s it! - NB - do ensure the message shows only the name of the individual that you want to send the message to!!


If you find being on the WhatsApp group distracting when your phone keeps pinging, you can stop  the notifications by following this link.

You will still receive all the messages and can keep up to date by logging on at a time that suits you.


For those who are new to WhatsApp there are a couple of features that you may find useful while we are all cooped up at home.

(You will need to enable your phone camera and microphone for these features to work)

1. You can make and receive ‘phone calls’ free of charge to anyone you   know who is on WhatsApp - especially handy for talking with people around the world free of charge

(though the calls can be a bit flaky if you have poor broadband /4g)

N.B. Sit close to your broadband router you will get best signal

2. You can also have a video chat with up to two other people

       (this requires even better Broadband or 4g signal)

To do either of these go to the ‘chats’ section on WhatsApp and click the new message icon at top right of that page ( the icon looks like a square with a pen sticking out at an angle) - find the person by putting their name in the ‘search’ bar at the top of the page - when that persons details appear you will see 2 icons at top right of the page - a telephone and a video camera - click the relevant one and chat away.

You’d like to add a third person to a video chat look at the top right of your screen - you may see a small icon of a head with a plus sign - click that and select the person from your contacts list

If there is no icon try clicking the on screen video image which will alter, then click back to the original and the icon may have appeared.

Many thanks to Ian Warren for providing this information

Happy messaging.



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